Quick Overview:

  • Ergonomic barbell pad design for even weight distribution across the shoulders, relieving neck pressure while squatting. The Advanced Squat Pad allows you to focus on your form without pain.

  • Made from high-quality, high-density, thick foam rubber for increased durability. Multiple open and close cell foam, absorbing all shocks for increased comfort and reduced injury.

  • Quick-Slip design for easy and fast installation on any barbell.

  • Anti-Slip matte finish to reduce risk of slippage and increase grip on the shoulders.

  • 18"x 3.5" versatile size for squats, hip thrusts, lunges, and more!

The World's Most Advanced Squat Pad by Iron Bull Strength
Everyone knows squatting is the king of all exercises. But squatting in pain can become very difficult physically and psychologically to perform. Iron Bull Strength's new Advanced Squat Pad allows you to comfortably perform your squats, lunges and hip thrusts pain free!

Lift Heavier Weight Without Discomfort Now!
Our 18" long x 3.5" wide squat pad is the most comfortable squat pad on the market. With our ergonomic design, the carved area matches your neck's profile with a 1.25" thick foam pad positioning the weight in line with your body and spreading the weight across your shoulders. No more pain and discomfort due to the weight sitting on your spine!

The Bottom Line
If you're looking for the best squat pad on the market, look no further. The ergonomic design allows you to perform your exercises pain free thus allowing you to focus on your form and increase performance. Additionally, the Advanced Squat Pad is made of shock-absorbing high-density foam rubber reducing shocks on your spine. Our anti-slip matte finish ensures the weight positions and stays on your shoulders while you squat. The quick-slip design makes installation fast and easy in a matter of seconds only!

Brand: Iron Bull Strength 
Product Weight: 0.5 lb 
Quantity: 1 
Length: 18" 
Width: 3.5" 
Height: 3.5" 
Neck Opening: 5.0" 
Diameter: 3.5" 
Material: Synthetic Foam-Rubber 
Colors: Black or Red


How To Use:
The Advanced Squat Pad installs in 3 easy steps:

1. Split the pad at the slit. 
2. Install on any barbell or smith machine. 
3. Release and enjoy a pain-free workout. 

When using the Advanced Squat Pad, make sure the slit is oriented away from your body. This means the opening on the Advanced Squat Pad should always face the ceiling.


Safety Warning:
The Advanced Squat Pad should not be used by anyone under 16 years of age. You must always use the Advanced Squat Pad under appropriate supervision. Always use a spotter when using the Advanced Squat Pad. If you feel any discomfort while using the Advanced Squat Pad, immediately discontinue usage.

To clean the Advanced Squat Pad, use ordinary soap with warm water on a cloth and wipe over the Advanced Squat Pad. Do not submerge under water as it will absorb into the material. Do not use any detergent or cleaners that may damage rubber.

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