Cable Tower Attachment V2 for Super Bench. This device allows you to expand your Super Bench capabilities with an upper and lower pulley cable system all in a very small footprint. The proprietary weight carriage will hold the Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells, Standard weight plates or Olympic style weight plates. New updated design has a no cable change design!

Here is just a partial list of exercises that can be performed with the Ironmaster Cable Tower Attachment: 
- Lat pull downs
- Tricep press downs
- High pulley curls
- High pulley cable pull
- High pulley rows
- Low pulley rows
- Cable curls
- Upright rows
- Straight arm shoulder raises

The system includes: The main frame, upper and lower pulley cables, Olympic Sleeve Adapters, QLDB adapter, lat pull hold down pads and a 48" lat pull bar with swivel.
You may want to order some additional cable handles to perform certain exercises. The cable tower is heavy duty and rated for 250lbs. Two wheels on the base frame let you easily roll it up the bench or out of the way when not in use. Connects to the Super Bench like the other attachments with just one simple pull pin in a matter of seconds.  Dimensions: 19" x 22" x 86" high. 
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