A generalist bar, it is designed for people who don’t adhere to a particular strength sport and just love an excellent bar. With a 28.5mm diameter, it’s just a tad thicker than the Olympic lifting standard of 28mm and a smidge thinner than the 29mm powerlifting standards. Brass bushings means the sleeves and no bearings makes for a smooth but not over rotation and an ultra secure snap ring is used to keep it all together. A medium-light knurl won’t chew your hands up when power cleaning, but complimented with knurling in the middle means the bar has a better grip when squatting.

Featuring both Olympic and powerlifting marks, hand positioning is made easy for whatever movement you’re doing that day. Lightly ribbed sleeves help keep your plates from shifting during your workouts.

Built to Last
There’s a lot of claims out there to the weight capacity of a bar, but we back it up with testing. At 1,000lbs capacity and 190psi tensile strength, this bar will stay with you even as you grow and smash through future personal bests.

What is cerakote?
Cerakote is a ceramic and polymer coating that creates stunning looks and better durability.
The coating is considered the best in the barbell game next to stainless steel.

Specs //
Bar Weight 20kg/44lbs
Diameter 28.5 mm
Knurl Olympic and powerlifting markings & mild knurl
Center Knurling Yes
Length 86″/2200mm
Shaft Coating Orange cerakote
Sleeve coating Bright cerakote
Max Capacity 1,000 lbs
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  • TOTAL:$309.99

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