Stride Length: 20" (51cm)
Flywheel: Chromed Steel 50lb (23kg)
Footpads: Removable Urethane
Resistance Type: Brake Pad
Heart Rate: Contact
Weight Capacity: 350lbs (158kg)

The E-40 elliptical features a battery powered LCD display with an animation center surrounded by information windows showing the parameters of the exercise under way. 

The console will enter into a SLEEP mode (for power-saving purposes) after 4 minutes of receiving no RPM or Heart Rate signal input. Press any button to awaken the console.


There are 3 buttons on the console; RECOVERY, RESET and the large rotating GO/ENTER button. These buttons can perform various functions depending on the menu or status of the machine.


GO/ENTER: The Go/Enter button rotates clockwise and anti-clockwise to scroll through program settings, increase or decrease values and can be pressed to confirm selections or values inputted into the console.

During program setup if the user begins pedaling the workout will skip any unanswered program setup questions and begin the workout on the screen at that time. 

RECOVERY: Press this button to commence a Heart Rate Recovery Test.

RESET: Press and hold the reset button for 2 seconds to clear all data and reset the console.



CALORIES: Indicates an estimation of your total caloric expenditure from the start of the workout or the amount of calories left if a calorie goal was preset. Ranges from 0 to 9999.

DISTANCE: Displays the total distance completed in meters since the start of the workout or the amount of distance left if a distance goal was preset. Ranges from 0 to 99,500m (99.5km).

PULSE: Displays your current heart rate in beats per minute via the contact heart rate sensors.

REVOLUTIONS PER MINUTE (RPM): Displays the pedal rotation rate per 60 seconds. For cadence (steps per minute) simply double the RPM value.

SPEED: Displays an estimation of the speed based on the RPM’s.

TIME: Indicates the amount of time accumulated from the start of a program or the amount of time left if a time goal was preset. The time will range from 0 to a maximum of 99 minutes.


The E-40 elliptical has 4 program options that allow the user to set workout goals or to race against a computer competitor at three different levels. To choose a program, simply turn the Go/Enter button when at the main menu and the program names (G1 to G4) will scroll across the bottom of the screen. Press the enter buttons to select the desired program and enter any parameters if necessary.


The E-40 elliptical is fitted with a manual resistance knob that the user turns clockwise to increase resistance (simulates hill-climbing) or anti-clockwise to decrease resistance at any time.


G1 (Manual)

The G1 program allows users to set one or multiple workout goals from Time, Distance, Calories or Pulse prior to commencing the workout. A Time, Distance or Calories parameter that has been preset will count down to zero and beep for 8 seconds once achieved (press any button to stop the beeper) then the parameter will begin counting upwards if the user continues exercising. A preset Pulse parameter between 30 and 199 can be set and will beep once achieved and keep beeping if the detected heart rate stays above the preset value.


G2, G3 & G4 (Racing Modes)

The G2, G3 & G4 programs are preset racing modes where the user competes against the console (PC). Each of the 3 programs has a fixed race time of 20 minutes and preset RPM/speed profiles for the PC. 



E-40 Elliptical General Specifications

Safety & Comfort


Stride Length

20” / 51cm

Step-Up Height

9.5” / 24cm

Pedal Footpads

Urethane (Removable)



Machanical Features



Steel (Rust Resistant Powder Coating)


Chromed Steel

Flywheel Weight

50lb / 23kg


Industrial Double Sealed Bearings

Front Handlebar

Bull Horn

Resistance Type

Brake Pad

Resistance Knob



Dual Concave

Wheel Covers


Rear Track




Technical Features


Console Power

2 x AA Batteries



Display Feedback

Time, Distance, Calories, Pulse, RPM’s, Speed


3 (Racing Modes)

Resistance Adjustment


Contact Heart Rate


Heart Rate Recovery Test

Yes (via Contact H/R)



Weights & Dimensions


User Weight Capacity

350lbs / 158kg

Product Weight

209lbs / 95kg

Box Weight

226lbs / 103kg

Product Dimensions

(L x W X H inches)

62 x 29 x 61

Product Dimensions

(L x W X H cm)

157 x 73 x 155

Box Dimensions

(L x W X H inches)

30 x 20 x 54

Box Dimensions

(L x W X H cm)

77 x 50 x 136



Residential Warranty*





10 Years


3 Years



Commercial Warranty*


Max. Average Daily Usage

3 hours per day




3 Years


1 Year



Interference Standards


FCC + NMS-003

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