Hoist's 4-stack is a beautifully crafted multi-gym that is perfect for small fitness facilities who appreciate quality.4 stations in only 68 square feet: Leg press, Adjustable cable column, Rigid arm pull down and Chest press/mid row/leg extension/standing leg curl. Minimum amount of adjustments required between users Easy Glide™ inserts for quick, smooth and secure adjustments to eliminate friction and seat post wobble Patented range-of-motion feature allows quick adjustment for body size and strength preference Radial Loc® Weight System provides a tighter fit between plates Options: H 2244 PA 1: Fixed Pressing Arm Option: The traditional pressing arm incorporates the patented range-of-motion adjustment that allows for quick adjustment for individual body size and beginning stretch preference on bench, incline and shoulder presses H 2244 PA 2: Articulating Arm Option: Features patented 3-D movement that allows the user to control both the arc and angle of the exercise path to provide a freeweight feel. Home Warranty: Lifetime Frame, 10 years Parts Commercial Warranty: Lifetime Frame, 5 years moving parts, 1 year Paint, Cables and Upholstery. Learn more ... www.hoistfitness.com

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