EZ Curl bar for Quick-Lock weights. Specially made curl bar with the Quick-Lock Dumbell end plates so you can use your Quick-Lock Dumbbell weights!

Sometimes you want to do bar curls or tricep moves and this bar does the trick. The plates are locked in place and will not spin loose like on normal spin lock collar bars since the weights get locked into the backing plates just like on the Quick-Lock dumbells. Fast acting spin lock collars make weight changes quick and easy. (Weights shown, not included.)

The bar ends are 7" long each and will hold up to 150 lbs of plates total (165 lbs with the bar). If you put all the plates from the 75 lb QLDB set, you will have 145 lbs total. Empty bar weight is 15 lbs and the bar is 48" long overall.

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