Kimurawear's kick shield, is a high quality product that is built to last. Our Kick Shield is made of premium leather and have been implemented with the latest Kimurawear technologies. These advanced technologies enhance the shields durability and helps protect the pad holder from the impact of incoming strikes. Our shields are used by trainers in muay thai, mma and varies martial arts.



• Made of premium leather, and all of the shields seams have been reinforced for durability.
• Gel Tech barrier on the front of the kick shield, acts as your first line of defense giving you 40% more shock absorption on impact.
• A total of 6 different fully reinforced grips throughout the kick shield, for training versatility.
• Preformed curved design assists in the handling in catching strikes.
• Measures 25" x 16" x 5".



• Proactive™ Tech, top layer foam helps the kick shield redirect the impact and protect the shield holder.

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