LG1 Energy Gels - Louis Garneau

  • Brand:Louis Garneau
  • Model:LG1 gels

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The most easy to use gel 
Opening flow controlled: you control the flow of gel to your mouth. 
Contains real fruit juice: Taste pure, simple and natural, no chemical aftertaste or bitter. 
Smooth: Easy to use, swallowing and perfect control of the flow to the mouth. 
25 g of complex carbohydrates: rapid assimilation and increased energy efficiency in the long term. 
Only 4 grams of simple sugars: Prevents stomach upset or temporary power surges. 
2 key electrolytes: Contribute to rehydrate and restore electrolytes lost through sweating. 
Contains antioxidants (vitamins C & E): Reduced muscle pain and help recovery. 
6 delicious flavors, including two flavors with caffeine. 
Without flavors, artificial colors or sweeteners, dairy free, gluten free. 
Sold in boxes of 24.
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