Quick Release Adaptors for easy one handed accessory adjustments.
150 lb. Silent Steel® weight stack (upgradable to 200 lbs.): Each solid steel individual plate receives pressed-in industrial plastic bushings and then is machined to exacting specifications to insure glass smooth operation plus eliminating any metal to metal contact or sound
Easy Glide™ inserts make adjustments quick, smooth and secure eliminating metal against metal contact & friction
Built in accessory holders
Compact multi-gym provides an uncompromised range of exercises commonly found in health clubs
Lat bar pulldown and other high pull exercises
1:1 cable ratio
Interchangeable press arm attachments allow you to do pressing exercises with either strap handles or articulating handles. Both allow you to control both the arc and angle of the exercise path. Chest, shoulder, abdominal & core exercises can be performed
Mid row handles offer a quality row pull exercise
Telescoping roller pad adjusts to provide proper positioning for leg extensions and standing leg curls
Telescoping roller pad adjusts to provide proper positioning for seated biceps curls
2:1 Split Weight Cabling™ ratio allows for a wide group of exercises to be performed here with 100% of the selected resistance


Product Width: 48.00" (121.92 cm)
Product Height: 84.00" (213.36 cm)
Product Length: 58.00" (147.32 cm)
Machine Weight: 402 lbs. (182.34 kg)
Cables: Minimum breaking strength 2,000 lbs.


V Ride Leg Press
50 lb. Silent Steel weight stack upgrade

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