Omega Pure 120 SOFTGELS - ATP

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  • Model:Omega Pure 120 SOFTGELS - ATP

Omega-3 in exceptionally pure triglyceride form
One of the purest and most concentrated on the market

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Omega Pure has a high concentration of EPA and DHA which promotes cardiovascular health; reduces inflammation; promotes weight loss; improves concentration and cognitive function; improves the mood and emotional wellbeing; affects the health of the brain, eyes, nervous system and immune system; improves the appearance of the skin and hair, and promotes optimal fat metabolism.

Because of their low risk of heavy metal contamination, we use only anchovies and sardines in our Omega Pure. The use of filtration by molecular distillation further reduces the risk of contamination. The stability of the oil is also of major importance.

Aids in cholesterol management
Improves recovery
Promotes weight loss
Improves memory and concentration
Optimizes brain power and enhances memory
Improves the immune system
Promotes overall good health and wellbeing

Tasteless, odorless and easy to swallow
No need to refrigerate
Easy to carry with you wherever you go

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