CB900 Indoor Cycle

The expounds on three critical areas – durability, comfort and performance. It is a perfect addition to a club, corporate fitness/recreation center, school or hotel because it’s stout design will withstand hours of consistent use.

The needle bearings that encompass the pedals and flywheel axle, industrial grade Hutchinson PK poly-V® belt, and our three piece crank work synergistically to create the perfect formula for durability and performance.

The adjustments of the handlebars and seat in two directions along with SPD dual pedal design, and easy to maneuver “L” adjustment handles provide a comfortable fit for any size rider.


-Double Powder Coat paint process resists corrosion

-Cross Tube Model # decal prevents paint scratches

-Rear joint cover offers a convenient, efficient calf stretch

-Co-molded rotary knob for comfortable resistance adjustments

-Extra large diameter adjustable floor casters provide a stable base of support for heavier riders

-A concave groove on the inner edge of the flywheel perimeter disperses sweat to prevent corrosion

The premium ISIS bottom bracket cartridge features ten splines that ensure greater surface area contact, a sturdier connection, and less maintenance than a traditional square joint. This bottom bracket cartridge is used on high end bicycles. These attributes ensure top performance for the life of the product.

Other design elements include:

There are many key components responsible for optimum performance of an indoor cycle. The drive belt, pulley size and material, bottom bracket cartridge, gear ratio and three piece crank have been carefully chosen on the to assure optimal performance and durability.

These components, along with an ergonomically correct frame design and full fore/aft adjustability, combine to make the perfect indoor cycle for your facility.



As with any product, customization is of extreme importance. We addressed this issue with a dual function pedal. On one side is a standard flat surface with a toe cage that appeals to the average exerciser. On the other side is a premium SPD clip that will be utilized by avid cyclists.


A heavy duty 44 lb. steel flywheel with a concave groove on the inner edge of the perimeter to disperse sweat.


The splined receiver for the pedal cranks enhances stability and requires less maintenance than a square receiver.


Needle bearings that encompass the flywheel and pedal/crank joint promote quiet, fluid rotation.


Along with the double powder coat paint process, we also added a cross tube model # decal to prevent paint scratches and corrosion.


A 150 lb. frame consisting of 2.5mm thick oval tubing and round bars that enhance stability and promote longevity


The co-molded rotary resistance/brake knob and “L” shaped joint adjustment handles promote comfort


Rear joint cover offers a convenient, effective calf stretch.


Oversized floor casters provide a stable base of support for simulated climbs out of the saddle and heavier riders.


RESISTANCE:     Rotary Knob; Micro-Adjustments

DRIVE TRAIN:    Industrial Grade Hutchinson PK Poly V® Belt

BRAKE:               Felt Pad

FLYWHEEL:        Steel 44 lbs.(Front)

SEATVelo® :       Racing Saddle

FOOT PEDALS:  Dual Function: SPD & Toe Cage

HANDLEBARS:   Closed cell foam with multiple hand position design

HANDLEBAR/SEAT POSTS & SLIDES:       Aluminum w/ stamped numerical position indicators

LEVERS:              Easy to adjust “L” handles

LEVELERS:          Extra-large diameter adjustable floor casters

FRAME:               Heavy Duty, 2.5mm Oval Steel Tubing; Double powder coated

DIMENSIONS:   42" x 21" x 40.5"

PRODUCT WEIGHT:       150 lbs.


Commercial Warranty Information

(Dues paying facility)

FRAME:               10 Years

PARTS:                3 Years

WEAR ITEMS:       1 Year (Grips, End Caps, Toe Cage Straps and Plastic Calf Stretch Cover)

LABOR:               1 Year

Commercial Warranty Information

(Non-dues paying facility)

FRAME:               15 Years

PARTS:                3 Years

WEAR ITEMS:       1 Year (Grips, End Caps, Toe Cage Straps and Plastic Calf Stretch Cover)

LABOR:                1 Year

Home Warranty Information

FRAME:                Lifetime

PARTS:                3 Years

WEAR ITEMS:      1 Year (Grips, End Caps, Toe Cage Straps and Plastic Calf Stretch Cover)

LABOR:               1 Year

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