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Squat Stands are an excellent alternative to a power rack when space is limited.

If you your tight on space, or tight on cash but you still want to squat, then a squat stand is the perfect solution.

The Squat Stands 2.0 By B.o.S. main upgrade is adding wheels for easy transport, being able to easily move the stands to make way for a different exercise, or even your car.

Power Racks are optimal for safety reasons. They have bar catches and are in an enclosed space. They also allow for plenty of exercises since they have built-in pull-up and dip bars.

However; not everyone has the room for a Power Rack, not enough floor space or your ceiling might be too low. You might not have the budget either. Even if you do have the room, you might need something more mobile that can easily be moved out of the way, say if you want to host a group class.

This is where squat stands become practical and cheaper solution, coming in at a fraction of the floor space, and cost.

But Squat Stands have drawbacks: they are less versatile thank a power rack and although the height of the Squat Stands can be set to bench press it is not ideal.

They’re also less safe than a power rack and you should be comfortable with dumping a loaded bar when using them. You should also have bumper plates when using a squat stand.

• 2.5″ mouth opening for bar support
• Safety spotters on each post can be adjusted and tightened accordingly.
• 4” long safeties
• Range of 36″ to 62.”
• Max Weight 180KG
• Pair of wheels for easy transport.


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