The Trap Bar 3.0 is an open trap bar with a built-in deadlift jack. Shorter rotating sleeves offer a smoother deadlift experience. One of the most versatile barbells to have in your gym.

It has a built-in deadlift jack
a feature never seen before on a home gym hex bar, and is usually reserved for abhorrently expensive models. The Bells of Steel Open-Ended Trap Bar has a pair of built-in bar jacks. By rotating the bar vertically like a lever until it’s sitting on the feet of the jacks, the weight plates end up mere inches from the floor. This allows you to add and remove plates with total ease. The entire process is effortless; no longer will your trap bar be neglected and left on the sidelines simply because of the time and effort required to load and unload the bar.
An open-ended frame
This ingenious design offers several benefits over the traditional, closed-frame design.  The most important of these being access to far more movements than before. By opening up the front end of the bar, it is now possible to use your trap bar for split squats, Romanian deadlifts, weighted carries, lunges, and more, while still being perfectly balanced for your deadlifts and shrugs.
Rotating sleeves
We firmly believe that if it’s a barbell, the sleeves should rotate. Unlike almost any other trap bar on the market, our trap bar features rotating sleeves. To keep the bar more compact for both storage and shipping, the sleeves are a little shorter than full-length barbell sleeves; however, the plate block has been made extra thin, allowing for a full 7 B.o.S.45lb  iron plates to be loaded on each side. Fit even more calibrated plates with a maximum weight of 700lbs.

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