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The robust T-30 packs all the performance and reliability of a Bodyguard treadmill into a space-efficient frame and pairs it with a simple easy to use console.



BDS is a unique visco-elastic polymer recognized as one of the finest cushioning materials available.



The fully welded steel X-Frame provides increased stability by minimizing frame torsion.

The T-30 console features 5 Red LED Data Windows that show the parameters of the exercise under way as well as a clear program list and a convenient reading rack/device holder. The main keypad has eight keys made from durable silicone that will not crack over time. The T-30 console also includes a built-in wireless heart rate receiver that displays the pulse being transmitted from compatible 5kHz heart rate chest straps in range. (Note: chest strap not included)




COOL DOWN KEY: Press this key to begin a cool-down period on compatible programs.


INCREASE/DECREASE INCLINE KEYS: Pressing these keys allows you to modify the angle of the walking belt during the exercise. If you continuously hold down a key, the incline display will gradually change (0.5% at a time). Release the key when you have selected your desired exercise incline. The incline of the treadmill will slowly change. On the display, the desired incline will flash until it has been attained. These keys also allow you to select the parameters prior to each exercise and act as scrolling keys in various menus.


INCREASE/DECREASE SPEED KEYS: Pressing these keys allows you to modify the speed of the walking belt during the exercise. If you continuously hold down a key, the speed display will gradually change (0.1 km/h or 0.1 mph at a time). Release the key when you have selected your desired exercise speed. The treadmill belt will slowly change to reach the speed you want. On the display, the desired speed will flash until it has been attained. These keys also allow you to select the programs and parameters prior to each exercise and act as scrolling keys in various menus.


iTEK KEY: This key has different functions depending on the operational stage of the equipment. When at the HOME SCREEN, press the iTEK key once to access the SETTINGS MENU. Press and hold the iTEK key for 3 seconds to access the DIAGNOSTICS MENU.


JUSTGO (ENTER) KEY: This key has different functions depending on the operational stage of the equipment. When at the HOME SCREEN, press the green JUSTGO key to start a JustGo workout without inputting any parameters. Once the 3, 2, 1 workout countdown has begun, press the JUSTGO key to skip the countdown and begin the program. When using the menu system, press the JUSTGO (ENTER) key to select a menu and save data. MAIN KEYPAD The Main Keypad is a group of the most used operational keys. The keys on the Main Keypad are made of silicone, as it is a more durable material able to withstand heavy use.


READING RACK & DEVICE HOLDER: Designed to safely hold most magazines, small books and devices such as mobile phones, music players and tablets.


SAFETY KEY: The safety key must be inserted into the appropriate slot in the console for the treadmill to be functional. For security purposes, make sure to attach the safety key clip to your clothes prior to starting an exercise.


STOP (PAUSE) KEY: This key has different functions depending on the operational stage of the equipment. When using the menu system, press the STOP key to go back in the menu system or cancel a function. During a workout, press the red STOP key to bring the walking belt to a stop and place the program into a pause mode. Press the STOP key again during the PAUSE mode to end the current program and the treadmill will be reset.


WORKOUT PARAMETERS: Workout parameters are displayed in the designated LED windows. Some windows automatically toggle the parameters being displayed every few seconds.



CALORIES: Indicates an estimation of your total caloric expenditure from the start of the workout. This parameter displays an evaluation of the real values of your exercise. The evaluations are based on formal information, tests and are supported by specialists and physicians.


CALORIES/HOUR: Indicates your hourly caloric expenditure based on your weight input and actual exercise intensity level.


DISTANCE: Displays the total distance in miles or kilometers from the start of the workout, ranging from 0.00 to 99.99 miles or 0.00 to 99.99 km.


ELAPSED TIME: Indicates the amount of time accumulated from the start of any program. The time will range from 0 to a maximum of 6 hours during the JustGo program and from 0 to 99 minutes during all other time-based programs.


HEART RATE: Displays the current heart rate (pulse) transmitted by either a chest strap or by the hands on the contact heart rate bars (at less than 4mph (6.4kmh)) if a chest strap is not being used. The heart rate is displayed in beats per minute (BPM).


INCLINE: Displays the slope of the walking belt in terms of percentage where one percent (1%) slope is equal to one foot (or one meter) climbed for every 100 feet (or 100 meters) covered. The incline range is from 0% to 15%


The T-30 treadmill console has 7 programs


JustGo                 Manual
Interval                 Random
Hill Climb                 Heart Rate Control




The JustGo Program allows users to quickly start a workout by pressing only one key from the HOME SCREEN making it ideal for users who simply want to get on and go and make their own speed and incline changes as the workout progresses. The JustGo Program does not allow the user to input any parameters or workout goals so the program will just keep going until the user presses the STOP key or until the maximum time of 6 hours is up.



The Manual (Time Goal) Program allows the user to select a predetermined amount of time they wish to workout for from 5 minutes to 99 minutes. The JustGo and Manual programs are very similar in that the user controls both the speed and incline at all times. The difference is that in the Manual Program, users must select their exercise duration and the display will show the workout time remaining throughout the exercise.



Interval Training has many benefits such as increasing the metabolism, which results in more calories being burned all day long, as well as increasing average exercise speed, making it a great way to increase average pace and improve race times. The Interval Program allows users to alternate their workout intensity between high-intensity “work” periods and preset low-intensity “rest” periods. The Interval Program has predetermined speed and incline percentages depending on the selected level of intensity. Users can change the level of intensity of the profile at any time by modifying the speed or incline and those changes will stay in effect for the remainder of the workout.



The Random Program is a time-based program that provides exercise variety. Each time this program is selected, a unique exercise experience is provided from a bank of over 4 billion pre-programmed workouts. The user must choose a RANDOM MODE they prefer during the program setup stage. Each mode effects how the computer creates the Random program.

SP = Speed is randomly set, incline stays constant

ICL = Incline is randomly set, speed stays constant

ISP = Both Speed and Incline are randomly set



The Hill Climb Program develops leg strength and endurance by allowing users to choose from a range of hill simulations at varying intensities. The program is time based and changes are made automatically to the incline profile whereas the speed profile stays constant. Users may change the speed or incline during the exercise if they find it too easy or too difficult. There are generally 4 or 5 peaks and valleys in each workout.



The Heart Rate Control Program allows a user to workout at the exact intensity level they desire by setting a predetermined heart rate level. This reduces the risk of overtraining, which can cause injuries, exhaustion or even burnout and under training, which can be ineffective and have the user seeing little to no results.

Once a Target Heart Rate value is selected the Heart Rate Mode must be established. The Heart Rate Mode is the way the treadmill will make adjustments during a workout in order to achieve the Target Heart Rate.  There are 3 choices:

SP = Speed changes only, incline stays constant. Ideal for runners who do not want incline changes

ICL = Incline changes only, speed stays constant. Ideal for walkers who do not want to jog or run.

ISP = Both Speed and Incline can change. Ideal for users who want both speed and incline changes



The Cardiovascular Program is a versatile program that combines a range of speed and inclines in order to limit muscle memory and promote an elevated heart rate. The Cardiovascular Program is similar to the Random Program when both Speed and Incline Modes are incorporated except each level has pre-determined values that do not change whereas in the Random program the values in each level can change every time it is done offering even more flexibility.


T-30 Treadmill General Specifications

Safety & Comfort


Exercise Area

22” x 56” / 56 cm x 142 cm

Walking Belt Type

Commercial Ortho

Shock Absorption

Bodyguard Dissipation System (BDS)

Step-Up Height

7.25” / 18 cm

Side Handrails

Short  (Optional Long)

Front Handlebar


Main Keypad

Silicone Keys



Mechanical Features


Drive Motor

3HP  DC (3600 RPM)


Steel X-Frame (Rust Resistant Powder Coating)



Adjustable Pivoting Feet


Deck Type

4 way – Flip & Rotate

Deck Thickness

1” / 2.5 cm

Deck Coating

Triple layered Phenolic

Roller Type

Crowned with Replaceable Sealed Bearings

Roller Size (Diameter)

2.5” / 6.35 cm



Technical Features





Red L.E.D.

Display Feedback

Calories, Calories/Hour, Distance, Elapsed Time, Heart Rate, Incline, Speed

Total Programs


Heart Rate Control


Speed Range

0.5-12 mph / 0.8 – 19.3 kph

Speed Increments

0.1 mph / 0.1 kph

Incline Range

0% - 15%

Incline Increments


Contact Heart Rate


Wireless Heart Rate

Yes (Compatible 5kHz Chest Strap required)

Electronic Stride

Control (ESC)


Advanced Friction

Detection System (AFDS)




Weights & Dimensions


User Weight Capacity

400 lbs / 181 kg

Product Weight

272 lbs / 124 kg

Box Weight

324 lbs / 147 kg

Product Dimensions

(L x W X H inches)

74 x 30 x 54

Product Dimensions

(L x W X H cm)

188 x 76 x 137

Box Dimensions

(L x W X H inches)

81 x 32 x 15

Box Dimensions

(L x W X H cm)

206 x 81 x 38



Residential Warranty*




Drive Motor



10 Years


3 Years



Commercial Warranty*


Max. Average Daily Usage

3 hours per day




3 Years


1 Year







Interference Standards


FCC + ICES-003

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