Weight kit for Ironmaster QLKB

  • Brand:Ironmaster
  • Model:weights

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Weight Kit - 57.5 lbs for QLKB
1 ea. standard Quick-Lock locking screw
32.5 lbs of weights consiting of 6 ea. 5lb Quick-Lock weight plates 1 ea. 2.5 Quick-Lock weight plates
When added to the Quick-Lock Kettlebell will make up to a 57.5 total weight.


Weight Kit - 80 lbs for QLKB
1 ea. Add on Kit length Quick-Lock locking screw
22.5 lbs of weight consiting of 1 ea. 22.5 Quick-Lock weight plate
This is an add on kit or the Quick-Lock Kettlebell.  Adds 22.5 lbs to the 57.5 size bell to make up to 80 lbs total weight.

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